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Faucet Installation, Repair, or Replacement

Plumbing Fixtures and Faucet Installation

When you are looking into remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, or your existing plumbing fixtures are not performing up to par it may be time to look at the options you have to choose from. The most common types of modern day kitchen or bathroom plumbing fixtures include a ball, disc, and cartridge faucet installation which are all ‘washerless faucets’. Then there is the compression faucet which has been around since indoor on-demand plumbing was introduced.

Plumbing Fixtures - Bathroom Faucet Tacoma WA

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Ball Faucets

First we will discuss the ball type of faucet. This is a single handle faucet where the handle rolls over a ball shaped base. This type of faucet installation has many interior parts that could go bad including rubber o rings, a plastic or metal ball and spring loaded rubber seals. Most commonly found in the kitchen it is a highly effective option but you may want to consider some of the things that may go wrong. The inlet seal will wear down and leak in ball faucet when the o ring wear or break.

Ceramic Disc Faucets (or Disk)

Next is the ceramic disc (or disk) type of faucet this is the latest development in modern plumbing fixtures and faucet technology often used as a high-end kitchen faucet replacement.

Ceramic disc faucets have very strong fire-hardened ceramic discs that will shear against each other blocking or allowing water to pass through on-demand.

Ceramic Disc Plumbing Fixtures are single levers over wide cylindrical bodies making them a perfect option for a high quality kitchen faucet.

Ceramic Disc Faucet Tacoma WA

They are a high quality option that don’t need to be repaired very often. A couple things to keep in mind when considering the Disc faucet are that even though they do not have washers, the inlet seals can wear and leak, or sediment build-up can eventually occur in the inlets.

Cartridge Faucets

This leads us to the Cartridge Faucet which comes in either a single handle or double handle faucet versions. The single handle version operates with a stem moving up and down that regulates the amount of water coming out of the faucet, and the temperature is controlled by moving the handle right or left for hot or cold water.

The double handle version looks very much like the old compression style system. One handle for hot water and another handle for the cold water.

The difference is in the fact that the single or double cartridge faucet does not have internal washers and only needs a very slight amount of hand turning pressure to control the flow of water.


Cartridge Faucet Tacoma WA

Compression Faucets

Last but surely not least is the old faithful Compression type of faucet. This is the basic type of faucet with a washer system which has been around since the start of indoor on-demand plumbing fixtures.

While they are the least expensive option they are also the most prone to having a leaking problem requiring constant leaky faucet repair. They are the common two handled faucet which require continued turning to close the water flow, which causes extreme wear and tear on the internal parts such as the stems, washers and handles.

Faucet Repair or Faucet Replacement

Often times it is not that difficult to fix a leaky faucet yourself. However, if you cannot do it yourself we are here to help you. Whether you are having a problem with worn out washers, washers which were incorrectly installed or washers used were of poor quality. Or perhaps o-rings that have worn out or broken or and any of the many other reasons you may need faucet repair or faucet replacement, you can count on Service Plumbing to take care of the problem for you.

Contact us today to request more information about our work or to request a free estimate for your faucet installation, repair, or replacement needs.

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