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Toilet Repair & Replacement

Toilet Repair or Replacement Services

If it is possible to top the level of annoyance created by the sound of an endlessly dripping faucet it would have to be the endlessly running toilet. Of all the toilet repairs this is one you don’t want to put off. Running toilets can cause your water bill to be higher due to the hundreds of gallons of water that are wasted each and every week.

Toilet Repair Tacoma WA

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The cause of your toilet continuously running could be one of several. For example, the flapper has gone bad due to age or chemical deterioration, a bad fill valve, the float has a hole in it causing it to go under the water level, malfuctioning rod and chain, lever, or the rubber seals have been damaged. All of these are fairly simple fixes, however if the issue is more involved or complicated you may need to call in a professional to come and diagnose the problem and properly resolve the problem for you.

Other issues that may requre professional toilet repair include a clogged toilet that doesn’t respond to the use of a plunger, overflowing toilets, damaged or deteriorated seal at the bottom of the bowl. Service Plumbing Tacoma is just one phone call away! Call us at any time for any type of toilet repair you may need.

Toilet Replacement – Installation

In spite of all of your toilet repair efforts there does come a time when toilets do need to be replaced. The one thing that will affect the cost of your toilet replacement is the type and model of toilets you choose. You have the option of the classic round bowled toilet or the newer more elegant looking elongated toilet.

The advantages of the typical round seated toilet are the fact that is is normally the lowest cost option, fits best in small bathrooms and is better if there are children in the home.

Elongated and Comfort Height Toilets

The modern elongated and comfort height toilets have several fantastic perks that recently have been making them a much more popular toilet replacement option for many homes despite the higher cost.

These tend to be more comfortable to sit on, they are 2 to 4 inches higher than the normal toilet which make them a great option for the elderly who may have trouble lowering themselves to the seat, they have a higher powered flushing action and they tend to be more attractive.

However, the downsides are the higher price, they do not come with a seat so while you can choose your own that will add to the overall cost, and they can prove to be difficult for children to get on to easily.

Comfort Height Toilet Installation Tacoma WA

Professional Toilet Installation

Once you have chosen the type of toilet you want to install and you have called in the experts from Service Plumbing & Systems you can count on us to handle your toilet installation with great care.

We will turn off the water supply, drain, disconnect and remove the existing toilet, replace the wax seal, inspect the existing components which attach to the plumbing to make sure they are in proper working order.

Then we will install and connect the new toilet, as well as perform tests to make sure that all the work as been done correctly and everything is in perfect working order after your new toilet installation.

Toilet Emergency? Call Service Plumbing Tacoma

Our emergency plumbing team is always on call for our existing clients. For new toilet installation, replacement or for any plumbing, gas, or toilet repair emergency, please call Kevin & Team right away at (253) 777-4525.

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