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From the first cabin built in 1864 by John Carr until today Tacoma has continued to build and rebuild, proudly growing into the third largest city in Washington. Throughout the years, technology and techniques have evolved and improved the living conditions to the current modern standards we have all come to expect.

There does come a time however when many homeowners and landlords in South Tacoma and the South End realize that their current kitchen is extremely outdated and a full remodeling project is long overdue. So whether you are in Edison, Manitou, Fern Hill, Stewart Hills or Larchmont there are a two key concerns you want to be aware of prior to hiring a Tacoma plumber and starting your remodeling project. Namely, the flooring and the sink. It may seem odd to think of Tacoma plumbers advising you about your flooring and your sink choice, however there are very good reasons for this. Those reasons include time, money, and frustration.

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When the time comes to have your new flooring installed, whether you are doing a full remodel or simply updating your floors, ALWAYS have the flooring installed underneath the appliances. Do not stop just in front of them! This could cause significant difficulties for the plumber when the time for repair or replacement comes, because you will not be able to pull the unit out due to the lip created from the new flooring. This will require the destruction or at least the removal and re-installation of the flooring to get to the appliance in question.

In addition, you should always choose your sink prior to the installation of your new cabinetry. This is extremely important because different sinks require different plumbing set ups. For example, if your current sink is the standard depth above the counter sink, and your new sink is going to be one of the popular under the counter sinks with a deeper basin the existing plumbing will be to high for proper connection. If the cabinetry is installled first your Tacoma plumber will not only need to cut the back of your new cabinet, they will also need to cut into your wall to make the necessary adjustments. So as you can see these two seemingly unrelated choices can significantly affect your schedule, budget and tension level. It is always best to consult with an experienced Tacoma plumber like Service Plumbing & Systems.

Likewise, when you are purchasing a fixer upper in the North Tacoma area or you are looking to remodel your existing bathroom you will want to work closely with a professional Tacoma plumber such as Service Plumbing Tacoma WA to ensure that your Tacoma remodeling project goes as planned and stays on budget. When you call on Service Plumbing & Systems you can count on us to help ensure that you do not have a problem with corroded plumbing pipes, that you have the proper plumbing venting and the perfect level of water pressure for all of your fixtures from the sink to the tub, toilet and shower.

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Service Plumbing & Systems is also ready and equipped to take care of your New Tacoma Commercial Plumbing problems as well. Including, hidden Leaks, malfunctioning toilets, running toilets, leaky faucets, low water pressure, water temperature or slab leaks. From the Central Business District to the Theater District, Stadium District, Dome District, Warehouse/Brewery District Service Plumbing Tacoma has your Downtown Tacoma plumbing problems under control.

If you are purchasing a lot in Central Tacoma and need a trusted experienced Tacoma plumbers for the rough in of your new construction plumbing, if you are in need of a new water heater in East Tacoma or need help with a new water softener in Nalley Valley you can count on Service Plumbing & Systems for all of your plumbing needs no matter where you live in the Tacoma area.

Call us today to schedule your appointment, we will dispatch our experienced Tacoma plumbers quickly to solve whatever plumbing problem you are having.

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