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Why Is My Toilet Leaking?: 5 Common Causes of a Leaky Toilet (and What to Do About it!)


Causes of a Leaky Toilet

Did you know that household leaks waste up to 1 trillion gallons of water every year?

This overwhelming figure is part of the reason for the introduction of the Fix a Leak Week campaign by the government. The campaign seeks to sensitize the masses on the effects of leaks and drips at home.

In most homes, toilets are the number one cause of leaks. When toilets leak, you risk higher water bills and safety concerns on top of posing the risk of property damages. Most homeowners don’t understand the cause of such leaks.

Are you wondering, “Why is the toilet leaking?”

Well, when your toilet begins to leak, it could be because of more than one issue. In this article, we review five of the most common causes of a leaky toilet, and how you can deal with the issue.

1. Damaged Washers or Bolts

Over time, the washers and bolts that hold your toilet bowls in place give in to wear and tear. When this happens, you may begin to see small drops of water. As the bolts and washers wear out further, the extent of leaks and drips also increases substantially.

If left unattended, damaged washers and bolts can be the cause of massive water bills. This is on top of escalating the risk of injuries due to slips. The good news is that this problem is solvable.

If the cause of toilet leaking in your house is because of worn out or damaged washers and bolts, the remedy may be as simple as re-tightening the loose bolts. It may also be helpful to replace the worn-out washers. Most times, fixing worn-out bolts and washers may require the intervention of a plumber to avoid the risk of recurrence.

2. Problem With the Shutoff Valve

Your home’s water system has a supply stop valve or shutoff valve that helps control the flow of water. Similarly, your toilet also has a shutoff valve that’s designed to ensure a managed flow of water. When the shutoff valve experiences leaks, it’s often due to loose packing nuts that make up these valves.

The other more common cause of leaks on your toilet’s shutoff valve is the accumulation of mineral deposits on the valve’s washers. A leaking toilet shut off valve may not necessarily imply that it needs replacement.

Your first step should be to try to tighten the packing nut. In most cases, this might be the only action needed to fix toilet leaking. However, in some other cases, your toilet could have old-fashioned saddle valves, which could be causing the leaks.

If the issue is with the installation and functionality of the shutoff valve, then it could be time to call a plumber. You might not have the experience needed to handle such complex issues related to the functionality of a shutoff valve. This informs the need to call in a professional plumber to help with the process of toilet repair.

3. Condensation

At times, the visible accumulation of drips in your toilets may not be due to any known functionality issues. In such cases, the problem may be the continuous condensation of water in the exterior of the tank. Most people refer to this as toilet sweating.

Are you wondering how to stop toilet leaking especially during summer? Part of the reason your tank could be sweating is due to a drop in temperature caused by cold water as it enters the tank. Unless you detect this as the source of drips, you might end up incurring significant costs trying to deal with other unrelated issues.

Most of the remediation measures when dealing with a sweaty toilet require the intervention of a professional plumber. Installing a tray under your tank is often the first and easiest way to deal with condensation. Our experts at Service plumbing may also recommend insulating the tank on the interior.

The process of insulating the tanks involves emptying it. The specialists then insulate the interior with foam panels, which must fit in perfect position. If these measures don’t help to stop toilet leaking, you could always consider installing a new toilet.

4. Leaking Toilet Tank

In case the actual cause of water leaks is not condensation, then you should consider the chance that the tank itself could be the cause. Most times, dripping in your toilet could be due to a worn-out rubber gasket around the tank’s bolts, leading to toilet leaking at the base of the tank. While it may be easy to check for possible tank leaks, this process is delicate.

The tank lids are gentle and heavy. Unless you have experience as a plumber, it may be important to leave the process to experts. Involving an expert will make the process of detecting the source of the leaks easy. The bad news is that a leaking tank can be the source of standing water in the toilet, which is a safety hazard.

If the leaks are coming from between the tank and the bowl, our specialists in Tacoma and Lakewood will help repair the tank-to-bowl bolts for you. The other possible solution would be to fill the valve shank gasket leaks, which require a keen eye.

5. Rusted Pipes

How old is your plumbing system? A considerable number of cases of leaking toilets could be a result of rusted pipes. With age and the combination of water and air, pipes can experience rusting over time.

When pipes rust, the eventual reaction is the development of cracks. Unless you are an expert, it might be hard to detect the actual source of such leaks. Most times, the only solution to leaky pipes is to consider an overhaul.

It may be possible to consider remedial solutions, such as repairs. However, it takes professional intervention on such rusty pipes to achieve zero leaks. Constant plumbing maintenance schedules should also help to keep your pipes in check through early detection.

Stop Toilet Leaking Now

Nothing is more frustrating than a leaking toilet. First, these leaks can cause slips and consequent injuries. Additionally, when toilet leaking occurs the cost of water bills on your pocket can be tremendous.

Have you been wondering how to deal with the causes of toilet leaks in your house? Calling a professional plumber can be the best solution to avoid further damages.

Are you looking for qualified plumbers in Tacoma and Lakewood? Our team is always at your service. Contact us today for unmatched services.

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